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Welcome to Automatic Gates Construction LLC
6483 Highway 70, Bartlett, TN 38134

A Security Gate Solution, and Why?

Let’s consider a security gate solution!

And the importance of having one.

Consider the basic reason for a security gate system. It protects people, businesses, property, and people. I said people twice because the main reason to have a secured area is, to protect a person from getting harmed. There are so many reasons to make sure that the area gate is fully functioning.

At home, consider the basic swimming pool. Most sections of the country require fencing and a secured entrance built in the fencing surrounding a pool to protect those who may enter unsupervised from being harmed. For instance, we all know there is an alarming number of pool-related accidents due to faulty gates, or unsupervised admission into a pool area. One can be fixed, the other requires education. A good working pass-through gate with a lock can help protect everyone involved from those types of accidents.

Another little thought of gate is one that secures an electrical distribution point into a building or a distribution site itself. These areas must be monitored in every way possible to protect intruders who casually wander into harmful places. Drive around your city and look for examples of where power enters a commercial building the surrounding area is not secured. Again a tragic accident waiting to happen.

Finally, I could go on and name many industrial examples of where a security gate is needed. And most of those examples are there to keep people safe and are easily fixable.

Your home needs protecting the most!

Perhaps you have a fence at your home. But your gate is not functioning or worse, you don’t have a gate at all? It has been proven that having a good security gate installed, increases security for you, your possessions, and increases the value for your property. That’s a win-win situation.Home Security Is Peace Of Mind

Above All, today’s gate operators are more efficient and more reliable than ever before. There are numerous ways you can obtain access through the gate. Examples are a keypad, a card access reader, a personal activation controller, or an in-ground loop. Some gate controllers are monitored and controlled by the home security systems. You can have a CCTV image of access coming or going. You can even have an intercom or a phone at the access point. The possibilities are many.

Most importantly, it just makes sense to have a gate system that works with you, not against you, while protecting your property and most importantly, those who depend on you for their safety.

Safety, Security, and Quality Control. Peace of mind is what we do at Automatic Gates Construction, LLC

Give us a call at 901.383.2529 and talk to a gate specialist. And remember, If your fence needs attention, we can repair and restore that too.

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