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Automatic Gates Construction

~Under New Management~
Our Offices are open and we invite you to call us with any questions you may have about your next Entrance or Security Gate and Operator installation or your current gate or operator service needs.

We thank you for your support and your business with us.

“Constructing With Integrity For Over 30 Years”

6483 Highway 70, Bartlett, TN 38134

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Welcome to Automatic Gates Construction LLC
6483 Highway 70, Bartlett, TN 38134

Product Galleries

About Our Product Galleries

Below are 30 Image Gallery Folders, containing images of various styles of gates, operators, and other design applications we have installed over the years. These installations have been on residential, commercial, and Industrial venues.  These images are for reference only and your application may be similar but all applications are unique to a lot of factors.

Browse these images if you have an idea what type of application best fits your needs or designs. There will be an identifier above each image at the top left that you can refer to about a particular design question you may have for our staff.  That identifier will always start with a capital “G”, except in the folder marked, “Gate Designs”. Those identifiers are for specific designs and they will be the only ones without a prefix “G”.

Some of the abbreviations you may see in the gallery names are:

Brk – Brick
Col – Columns
Sw – Swing
Dbl – Double
Sgl – Single
Res – Residential
Com – Commercial
Ornamtl – Ornamental
Cantlvr – Cantilever

All you have to do is click on the specific gallery image and it will bring up additional images to browse. In addition to the images showing, you will get to see many new ideas. Therefore your decision will be much easier to make concerning your next project with us.

Your next step should be to Contact Us and let us help you design your next application with us!

Cantilever Gate Track
Aluminum Cantilever Gate
Access Control Card Readers
Closed Circuit (CCTV) Cameras
Chain Link Cantilever Gate
Dbl. Sw. Gate Brick Cols. Com.
Chain Link Dbl. Swing Gate
Dbl. Sw. Gate Brick Col. Res.
Dbl. Sw. Gate Iron Post Com.
Dbl. Sw. Gate Iron Post Res.
Guardhouses Com. & Res.
Various Hinge Details
~~ In-Ground ~~ ~~ Loops ~~
Ornamental Iron Cantilever Gate
Pedestrian ~~Gates~~
Sgl. Iron Sw. w/Brk Cols. Com
Sgl. Iron Sw. w/Brk Cols. Res
Sgl. Iron Sw. w/Iron Post-Com
Sgl. Iron Sw. w/Iron Post-Res
~~~Gate~~~ ~~~Designs~~~
~~~ Phone ~~~ ~~~ Units ~~~
~~~ S.O.S. ~~~
~~~ Boxes ~~~
Various Misc. Details
~~~ V-Track ~~~ ~~~ Gates ~~~
~~~ Wood ~~~ ~~~ Gates ~~~
~~Apollo~~ ~~Operators~~
DoorKing Operators
~~Elite~~ Operators
~~FAAC~~ Operators
HySecurity Operators
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