Automatic Gate Operators in Memphis

At Automatic Gates Construction, we proudly serve the Memphis area, offering expert installation and repair services to meet a wide range of gate needs for Industrial and Commercial settings, as well as Multi-Family and Residential properties. Our expertise extends to Pedestrian Access Control, In-Ground Control Loops, Area Fencing, and comprehensive Gate & Operator Repair services. With our comprehensive suite of offerings, we ensure that every aspect of your gate needs is met with precision and excellence, providing peace of mind and reliability for all our clients.


Ensure your automatic gates remain reliable and secure with Automatic Gates Construction’s expert maintenance solutions. Our skilled technicians proactively address any issues, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximum longevity for your investment. Trust us to keep your automatic gates operating smoothly, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is secure.


Transform your home into a sanctuary of security and style with our residential gate solutions. From elegant driveway gates to robust entry systems, we offer customizable options that blend seamlessly with your property’s aesthetic while providing unparalleled safety and convenience for you and your loved ones.


Elevate the security and efficiency of your commercial property with our comprehensive range of commercial gate solutions. Whether you need access control for parking facilities, perimeter security for warehouses, or traffic management for industrial complexes, our advanced gate systems are engineered to optimize operations and safeguard your assets.


Enhance the productivity and safety of your industrial facility with our industrial automatic gate solutions. Designed to withstand rigorous environments and heavy-duty usage, our industrial automatic gates offer reliable access control and perimeter protection, ensuring seamless operations and compliance with stringent safety regulations.

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Explore our product gallery to discover an extensive range of gate solutions tailored to meet the needs of Residential, Commercial, and Industrial clients. From Industrial and Commercial automatic gates to Multi-Family and Residential options, our diverse offerings include Pedestrian Access Control, In-Ground Control Loops, Area Fencing, and comprehensive Gate & Operator Repair services. With precision engineering and attention to detail, our products are designed to deliver unmatched reliability and functionality for all your gate needs.

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